Choosing The Perfect Partner

To optimize your supply chain, you need a reliable business partner whose excellent support is available whenever you need it. 
Since 2003, Wuxi Topteam has been manufacturing and exporting party items, catering supplies, plastic disposables and eco-friendly
foodservice disposable tableware. 
Once you have chosen us, you are assured of quality products, competitive prices, professional services and
innovative solutions. 
Wuxi Topteam aims at building up long-term partnerships with our customers on Win-Win basis.


What Makes Wuxi Topteam the Perfect Fit as Your business Partner

    Deep sector understanding-the restaurant and foodservice industry 
    · Understanding, predicting and responding effectively to the trends and challenges facing the industry.

    · Over 18 years of expertise in the party, catering and foodservice industry.

    · Partnerships and close ties with customers in the party, restaurant, and foodservice industry all over the world.
    · Staying ahead of market trends and exceeding consumers’ expectations.


Everything you care about matters 
· Wuxi Topteam fully understands and cares about your concerns. 
· What you care about is the key driver for us to do better.
· Wuxi Topteam stands behind you by doing everything possible to protect your interests.
· Our aim is not just to meet your expectations, but beyond your expectations.

Cost-effectively innovative solutions provider  
· Not only does Wuxi Topteam sell disposable foodservice tableware, but also we provide solutions to our customers.

· Just tell us what you want, the team professionals at Wuxi Topteam will come up with cost-effective, high-quality and innovative solutions that address your issues or concerns.

· Wuxi Topteam values your new ideas or concepts which is the typical scenario where solutions are needed.
· Our solution packages span all aspects of international deals: quote, product and packaging design, mold making, customizing, printing, production, quality control, space booking, container loading, delivering, and more…

At the cutting edge in the restaurant and foodservice industry
· New Technology plays an important part in improving operations, removing costs and improving customer services, at Wuxi Topteam, we constantly review, evaluate and deploy new technological solutions.

· As the restaurant and foodservice industry evolves, we constantly create, develop and launch brand new products so our customers stay ahead of market trends.

· In response to industry trends and to decrease carbon footprint, we continue to launch a vast collection of eco-friendly foodservice packaging and tableware.
· Our BPI certified eco products are made of sugarcane pulp, PLA or cornstarch which is biodegradable and compostable, being no harm to the environment.

Strong OEM/ODM capabilities with authenticated manufacturing facilities
· Smooth Implementation of your OEM/ODM orders with advanced machines and technology.

· Well trained, skilled and professional employees are there to handle your OEM/ODM orders.

· Manufacturing facilities: Plastic disposable tableware: 25,000 square meters, 120 injection molding machines, 320 employees, annual output 700 x 40’HQ containers.
Eco-friendly tableware: 116,000 square meters, 30 production lines, 1,400 employees, annual output 36,000 tons / 2,400 x 40’HQ containers.
· Plants authenticated: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 15001:2015, ISO 45001: 2018, BSCI, GMP, FAS(Factory Security Assessment), FCCA (Factory Capability & Capacity Audit)

                                                                          · Products certified: FDA, CA Proposition 65, LFGB, EU No. 10/2011, BPI, DIN CERTCO.

Social responsibility and sustainability
· At Wuxi Topteam, our operations and manufacturing facilities are BSCI certified.

· You can count on Wuxi Topteam to implement and uphold a ‘Safety First’ culture that will protect both your people and your brand.

· Wuxi Topteam values its team members and business partners, and prioritize diversity, equity, inclusion, safety and recognition.
· As a socially responsible company, you expect your partners to work responsibly too. At Wuxi Topteam we are committed to making a difference in people’s lives by offering recyclable and eco products to protect the planet and focus on making your operations more sustainable.

· Wuxi Topteam is committed to changing the foodservice industry to be more sustainable by launching a vast
collection of biodegradable and compostable eco-friendly foodservice tableware and packagings.